And Spring Again

February 19, 2008

Such things I remember now it is spring and you are gone!

Daily…unnoticed-till-absent things,

like air or heart’s beating –

words that would pass neither for wit nor wisdom… or acts for grace,

pebbles underfoot the polishing of years makes jewels of.

You might as well be here.

After the sterile loneliness of winter

he sunned earth has flowered out with dark Paleozoic fertility.

Remember the longstemmed tiger

and lemon lilies in the regenerated stripmined backyards of Joplin,

the ever wilting daisies and violets we vowed never to pick,

the barbed lavender thistles you loved … but I had to carry –

the dew the blossoms and the leaves

imparted to your arms, emphasizing their pubescent softness?

You were wary of bees, mostly…I, of ivy and sumac,

as we trespassed, field to field, until you tired and grew gently

will-less –

glad of my arms each time a fence or an excavation challenged us.

Then I was strong… and always held you longer than it took

to help you over.

O it was good feeling you mine completely… certain that all was yes

and no was inarticulate in your lips and limbs.


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